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Pioneering the
Future of Education
with AI, XR and VR

We excel in developing engaging content that utilises innovative technologies, creating personalised learning paths and captivating simulations for students.

Included in our suite of services are advanced assessment and evaluation tools with comprehensive analytics for monitoring student progress. 

We are personalising education through AI-driven insights, delivering adaptive learning experiences that are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of each learner.

We offer turnkey solutions to embrace these technologies.

We assist educators in integrating these tools into their teaching methodologies.

Our commitment is for accessible and inclusive content and assessments, ensuring that all learners benefit from our services.

In supporting educators with comprehensive professional development and training, CTI Services empowers teachers to effectively integrate these new technologies into their teaching strategies. This not only enhances their instructional capabilities but also ensures that they are well-equipped to guide their students through this new era of digital learning.

Child and EDTech
Educator and Technology

The Learning Management Solutions are designed to streamline the administration, documentation, and delivery of educational courses and training programs, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

By placing AI, XR, and VR at the forefront of our initiatives, we aim to significantly enhance educational outcomes and equip learners with the necessary skills to face the challenges of the future.


We have a
dedicated team
of professionals.

Dr Lance Levin

Managing Director

Extensive educational expertise is the driving force behind our enduring vision of enhancing online learning experiences.

Darren Enfield

Technical director

Invaluable technical acumen ensures optimal implementation and fine-tuning of our technical solutions, aligning them with our clients’ objectives.

Candice Blumenow

Creative Director

Rich instructional design background and creative prowess translate into intuitive and engaging interfaces for varied educational programmes.

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